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Cute & Funny Wooden Greeting Cards

If you’re asking yourself about how we got into making wooden greeting cards for father’s day, ready to go in the same surprise package with more than happy birthday gifts and motivational words burned deeply into the wood… here we go!

We’ve been taming for the last 6 years a few wild 3D printers and a smart-ass laser cutter, while training our minds to get more and more creative for digifacturing, digital drawing and online communication strategies for art & science production. We’ve spent out time playing with biodegradable plastics and wood – lovely, extremely beautifully textured sheets of wood. We’ve been making so so many pieces of art for our ecstatic clients in search for “never-seen-before” promotional products that we lost count: fun trophies, small, fancy pieces of jewelry, product prototypes. 

birthday card for retro game nerds

We’ve lived in a computerized fairy-tale. Our portfolio includes many CAD drawing & illustration projects, as well as over 25000 printed parts. And all these came to life because of a quite nice “in-house” SEO. We’ve done it all. And you can read our full business story here.

However, it’s time for a different story. Did I say that we’ve never been counting the laser cut pieces? Oh, well, now we have a good reason to do it.

In April, we’ve finally, FINALLY, took the decision to go international with our cute, little wooden cards and open our first Etsy store: Cute & Funny Wooden Cards & Signs

For now, we use for the production of our wooden greeting cards only birch and poplar plywood. The poplar is whitish, fragile in a good and beautiful sense, uniformly textured and very, very rarely, with stripes. Its characteristics make the engravings look mostly like a powerful painting due to the strong color of the laser burn. Meanwhile, the birch is a bit light reddish brown in color, harder, more durable, and the texture is more visible. This plywood becomes a little yellowish after burning in it. But, not less than a miracle is to see the things they hide inside.

With all the sadness Covid-19 brought, it also gave us the necessary time to remember the people we care for and inspire us, it gave us the necessary strength to make something that would remind others how important they are to us. To reshape the wooden pieces, as well as the way we used to see the world. This is how Appreciation Cards section started.

And we realized once more that even Valentine’s Day passed this year, no day should pass without saying I love you in so many different ways. This is how the Love Cards came to life.

Also, we are getting very, very close to Father’s Day. ❤❤❤ And no gift is complete without some inspiring message on those wooden cards for dad.

Please do come visit us on Etsy!

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