CS50 Harvard: How to Grammar Apps

CS50 Harvard: How to Grammar Apps

The culmination of C knowledge is gathered in resolving this problem. The problem is “Speller” and you have to implement a hash function in C that helps you populate a database. You have to have really good knowledge of pointers, you have to know how to allocate and de-allocate memory, you have to understand exactly how linked lists work in C and you have to figure out ( or find on the internet) a good Hash function.

January 2020 – Problem set 5 – Creating an app which checks grammatical errors

I have gained that by watching a lot of extra Youtube Videos and also watching numerous times the accompanying lectures. In Python, pointers do not exist so it was a very strange new concept. But if you do not understand pointers you can’t understand a linked list, nor a binary tree or other data structures. If you can’t understand these structures then you can’t get hired at a really cool company ( it seems to me as a beginner that every company will ask you algorithmic questions and implementations)

Reading around about getting hired as a programmer, I noticed that most companies like Google, Facebook etc ask algorithmic questions and implementations on job interviews. So understanding these structures at a higher level seem to be, pretty often, a key point for a dream job.

There is even a contest – with no prize actually – in which the best hash functions are presented in a table on the official site. When I finished this problem I felt really confident and I started to breathe more easily, but not for long !!

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