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Enjoying business luxury

A story of the business cards that will never fit inside your wallet, but they will surely stick in everyone’s minds. Or on their desks. Creativity is always remembered…

The best part of entering 3D printing world is that you find yourself surrounded by new materials. We think this is from far the most attractive feature of the industry. To always test and discover their textures, composition, smell. You start wondering how they could be modified, reshaped, combined with other materials and even technologies and what reactions will inspire when finally modeled. As a maker you begin understanding step by step how everything around you is structured and gives you the impulse to increase the value of all things. You start to pay attention to the material your lips touch in the morning when you drink your coffee. The mug becomes more than a kitchen accessory, but a silent proof of modified matter.

Then you go to your office and look around you and ask yourself: What could I change?
Our answer to that question was more than obvious: the image of the business itself. First step: new business cards! New business cards that could say more about us, about our experience, creative skills, computer modeling aptitudes and equipment. All in one.

3d printed business cards unusual

There is a trend of making 3D printed business card holders. Everyone is making business card holders for the usual paper business cards. Truth is that ordinary business cards are much easier to carry, but also very easy to be lost or tossed away. Still… how can you present your business, especially if it is connected to 3D printing, and not only, with a simple paper? Can paper really define your work? Probably, but with a lower impact. Imagine yourself going to a conference where countless people are putting in your hands tens and tens of business cards. Would you really need or remember all of them by the end of the day? Solution? Making a strong statement in a digital world and a difference through shapes – unusual business cards: the business card that would hardly be discarded or forgot.

Preparing ourselves for a 3D printing conference held in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, we decided that we need something to express arabic luxury and our services quality closely interwined with a professional look. A little more heavier and thicker (dimensions: 9 cm x 4.5 cm x 0.6 cm), the 3d printed business cards we imagined combine digital design skills, proper functionality and recycling, as well as high quality printing materials from Netherlands into business luxury.

arabic luxury business cards

Unusual business cards are a little more pricey, but they are often the warranty of a stunning effect.

Therefore, we joined laser cut Plexiglas® acrylic sheet pieces with 3D printed frosty white ABS on a Flashforge Creator PRO. We took our previous experience, sketched it on paper, a little sensitivity and precision and added 2 logos: a flower broken by the wind and 2 gears mechanism as decoration. Half printed, half laser cut and engraved, the business cared are designed with rails on the sides so we could easily change the decoration on them (the flower and the gears) or the acrylic part inside. The acrylic has all the contact data engraved on it, while the ornament stands as symbol on a support that slides on the ABS frame rails.

flower 3d model

Compared to most ordinary business cards, our 3d printed business cards give a tactile, and genuinely remarkable experience for the senses. They were a succes as people considered them to be simply amazing.

All you need is the courage to choose a nonstandard business card size just because…
Some things, best things will never have place inside a wallet.

engraved business cards

To order personalized, 3D printed business cards, (not necessarily the ones described above, but also with your own ideas or hand drawings) please contact us using: the contact form.
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